Our Story

We’ve always loved our daily dose of mushroom powders - trying out different brands, blends and varieties to see what we enjoyed and benefitted from the most. However, we didn’t always love where the mushrooms were being sourced, or the wastage that came with single-serve sachets.

Shroom Curious

After watching the documentary Fantastic Fungi, we became even more intrigued by functional mushrooms. It left us reflecting on the importance of knowing where our shrooms came from, as they absorb all of their surroundings, and the benefits of ingesting mushrooms that contain not only the fruiting body (the above-ground section) but also the mycelium (the roots), as there are just as many benefits to be found there.

Foraging for Information

Our newfound curiosity led us on the hunt to find Australian grown functional mushroom powders that were grown free from chemicals, in a pristine area and incorporated both the fruiting body and mycelium. This proved to be much harder than we initially expected, with the only supplier we could find being a wholesale grower of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in the Yarra Valley. While we were ecstatic about our find, the only sticking point was that we had to buy 10kg (minimum) at a time… a touch more than what we needed for personal use!

An Idea Spored

After much (or perhaps it was only little) discussion, we decided we wanted to share our love for, and all the benefits of, these amazing fungi with our greater community. So we decided to launch our own business that specialises in Australian grown mushroom powders that incorporate the fruiting body and mycelium, has a strong environmental focus, and uses only the highest quality, natural ingredients we could source.

And so Acacia Blends began

In December 2021 we placed our first wholesale order of Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail and Reishi mushroom powders, and in March 2022 we officially launched Acacia Blends at the Uraidla Sustainability Fair with our very first market stall.

We are continually looking to grow our mushroom community, expand our knowledge around these amazing products, create new and wonderful blends, and keep sharing all these amazing shrooms with you in person and online.

To be continued...