7 Organic Food Blogs for Healthy Home Cooking

7 Organic Food Blogs for Healthy Home Cooking

Eating more meals at home? Now is a great time to try new recipes and explore different types of cuisine. Healthy food can be packed with flavor (and there are even healthy desserts that will satisfy your sweet tooth).

1. Minimalist Baker
Like the name suggests, this blog is all about minimalism. So, no overly complicated recipes that take forever! Instead, each recipe meets one of the following: 10 ingredients or less, one bowl, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.

And it’s not just sweet treats--there are recipes for lunch, dinner, dips, salads, and more.

What I love about this blog is how it’s organized. There is a super helpful filter tool that allows you to choose things like diet (vegan, gluten free), cuisine (Asian-inspired, Italian-inspired), ingredients, and more when searching for a recipe.

Once you choose a recipe, you can even adjust the serving size and the recipe measurements will automatically adjust as well! So easy!
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